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StateShiftIn a distant future the world as we know it lies in ruins. After an era of political unrest in the early 21st century the predicted shortage of natural resources resulted in the downfall of the world economy, and an increasing instability of democracy. More and more, anarchy started to reign, and big corporations that exploited new forms of energy became more powerful than most governments. In 2042 this resulted in the United Nations being disbanded. In a distant future the world as we know it lies in ruins. After an era of political unrest in the early 21st century the predicted shortage of natural resources resulted in the downfall of the world economy, and an increasing instability of democracy. More and more, anarchy started to reign, and big corporations that exploited new forms of energy became more powerful than most governments.
* Fourteen different race tracks
* Six different playable characters
* Four different Statemorph abilities
* Four different weapon pickups
* Max 15 AI controlled opponents
* Four different game modes including multiplayer
* In-game tutorial races on custom tracks to learn the basics
* Original soundtrack
System Requirements:OS: 2000/XP/Vista
Video card memory: 64 Mb
RAM: 128 Mb
Processor: 1.8 GHz
Hard disk space: 400 Mb
DirectX: 9.0c
StateShift 2009 PC GAME
Published : Playlogic June 17, 2009
Developed : Engine SoftwareGenre:
RacingLanguage :
EnglishSize:282 Mb

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Rail Simulator Official Expansion Pack

The first official addition for Rail Simulator adds the Californian route from the American edition Rail Simulator, the additional rolling stock, scenarios and more!
This package has been painstakingly created by RSDL - part of a team of developers of Rail Simulator and should be one of the most realistic additions for Rail Simulator!

To install the additions the game you want to Rail Simulator, you can download here

Size: 2.23 GB




Supreme Ruler 2020

Supreme Ruler 2020 - one of those strategies, which are known as "global." In real time (or step-by-step manner) player will assume the task of unification by 2020 (it is obvious from the name of the project) into a unified whole all the disparate nations of the world. To bring to this military might or political language dispense entirely will depend on the choice of the player.

To recreate such a high-resolution maps, as in Supreme Ruler 2020, the Canadian developers of BattleGoat Studios had to handle a considerable number of images NASA. As a result, a virtual game world was divided into 250 regions. Company amounted to hundreds of them to strategic sites for research and construction, sound economic model, skilled artificial intelligence and multiplayer support.

Key Features:
* Improved graphics with higher-resolution maps and units
* Improved sound and music, including his own background music for each region.
* Game new generation of artificial intelligence.
* A simplified interface for easier access to the options game.
* Advanced ?Single Map? Design.
* You can play within the boundaries of a small region or worldwide.
* High-resolution satellite imagery provided by NASA.
* Game process can proceed in real time or in a step-by-step mode.
* Multi-game supports up to 16 players via LAN or the Internet.
* Obshiranaya economic and political model.
* Added a new mode - Mode ?Sandbox? (English Sandbox mode), which will allow players to ?pain? game gain experience.

Size: 435 MB





Effects of the game spread to the streets of the night in Los Angeles, where gambling stritreysery will compete for the title of the fastest racer on the planet. Pledged availability of advanced systems from damage, the possibility to modify the appearance and stuffing cars, several regimes and support network gamepad.

Size: 316 MB




Delta Force Extreme 2

Delta Force Extreme 2 - (PC)

The deadliest fighting force is back in all new - single-player, co-op multiplayer and fighting Delta Force: Xtreme 2 (DFX2), the game action and work publisher NovaLogic. Powered by Community NovaWorld in a multiplayer network that provides smoother, faster and smooth gameplay for up to 150 players per game, DFX2 offer strong military action PC FPS fans. It has more than 40 content-rich multiplayer maps, DFX2 supports five of the most popular game types: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Team King of the Hill, Capture the Flag, and Flagball. A detailed map will have something to entice all FPS fans, from large, heavy vehicles on the battlefield small sympyknomenoemplokizones. The Community NovaWorld allow each element of DFX2 gameplay, enhanced by ballistic toukainotomou reproductive system in the vehicle to be carefully coordinated to support a fully balanced experience where teamwork is deadlier than individual fire, and DFX2, intelligence and creativity is rewarded as fast twitch reflexes.

System Requirements

Minimum System Requirements

- Video Card: Direct3D video card with 64 MB or greater required
- OS: WindowsĂ‚® XP, VISTA (32 & 64 bit editions)
- CPU: PentiumĂ‚® 4 Minimum CPU Required
- RAM: 1 GB or greater required
- Hard Drive: 2 GB available
- Direct X: DirectX 9.0c or greater required
- Internet: Up to 150 simultaneous players via NovaWorld

Installation Notes

Copy Crack over install directory


Download: 965MB


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Devil May Cry 4

The new blockbuster from the creators of the original Devil May Cry and Resident Evil 4, the events which unfolded in the fantasy world full of dangers and incredible adventures.

For hundreds of years, Order of the Sword defended coastal town of Fortune on the invasion forces of Darkness, by fire and sword eliminating people from hell. For hundreds of years, the Order of the warriors worshiped Sparde, powerful demon who once fought on the side of humanity. For hundreds of years, it seemed as if the welfare of Fortune nothing and no one threatened - has not appeared in the city of Dante, the son of the legendary Spardy. Fierce and invincible, he broke into the house of their father, cruelly cut off the Knights of the Sword, do not expect an attack. Only one of them, the young Nero, because of their superhuman abilities has been able to confront Dante and draw it in flight.

But the tragedy in the church was only the beginning. Everywhere were to open the gates to another world, and hordes of bloodthirsty monsters fled the city, threatening to destroy Fortune. Many believe that the fault that - Dante. However, some people are convinced - Evil has long infiltrated the city, destroying it from within. And only the brave Neroni by virtue of the truth.




Samurai Warriors 2

Samurai Warriors 2 continues launched in the first part of the story about the merger of Japan. Choosing the hero decides whether to repeat the achievement of the winners or pospobstvovat triumph clans, losers in reality. The list of fighters did not mention scarce: as in the first part, the passage of scene mode for any of the available original generals rewarded the new playability character, which, in turn, opens the way for other actors, or additional fields of battle.




Still Life 2 (2009)


Manager 2009 9.3.0 patch keygen

Manager 2009 9.3.0 patch keygen



Game features:

* Deadly shape shifting action
* Unprecedented locomotion and agility
* Deceive & destroy gameplay
* New , original experience for games
* New York city is your playground

Minimum system specification:

* Windows® XP (with Service Pack 3) and DirectX® 9.0c or (Windows Vista® with Service Pack 2)
* 256 MB 3D hardware accelerator card required - 100% DirectX® 9.0c with Shader Model 3 support*
* Pentium® Intel Core® 2 Duo 2.6 GHz or AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+ or better
* 1 GB of RAM for Windows ® XP / 2 GB Windows ® Vista systems
* 8 GB of uncompressed hard disk space (Plus 500MB for swap file.)

Published by: Activision
Developed by: Radical Entertainment
Release Date: June 9, 2009
Genre: Action


The game is set in New York City as a virus infects people and government military try to defend against it. The protagonist of the story is named Alex Mercer, who has enemy-absorbing and shapeshifting powers. He can take memories, experiences, biomass and physical forms of the enemies through absorption. Alex can also shapeshift into more specialized forms for attack, defense or sensory enhancement. All of these together are intended to give players multiple ways to complete their objectives. Parallel to the game’s storyline is the ability to play the game as a sandbox-style video game giving the player free roam of New York City.

You are the PROTOTYPE, Alex Mercer, hiding in human form. You step out onto the streets of New York with no memory, but limitless power. As a terrifying viral epidemic sweeps across Manhattan, top-secret Black Watch Special Forces move in, transforming it into a war zone. Delve into the mysteries of your origin, the true nature of your power and your part in a conspiracy 40 years in the making.


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Monday, June 1, 2009

New Realease

PDC World Championship Darts 2009 (DS)

Release Date: 29/05/2009

Fancy being a top darts player? Or would you prefer to match yourself up against the Pros? Now you can with PDC World Championship Darts 2009 on Nintendo DS . . .

  • Developer:
  • Publisher: Oxygen

Wonderworld Amusement Park (DS)

Release Date: 29/05/2009

All of the fun and thrills of your favorite amusement parks and carnivals have gone portable in Wonder World Amusement Park for DS. With 6 themed zones full of action-packed mini games that let you earn prizes and accessories for your character, there's lots of ways to play and and test your skills . . .

  • Developer: Coyote
  • Publisher: Majesco

Night at the Museum 2 (DS)

Release Date: 29/05/2009

Get ready for a story so epic it could only unfold in the corridors of the world’s largest museum – the Smithsonian Institution. Museum guard-turned entrepreneur Larry Daley discovers that his favorite exhibits, and some of his best friends, from New York’s Natural History Museum are being shipped off to the archives at the Smithsonian.

  • Developer: Majesco
  • Publisher: Majesco

Mystery Stories (DS)

Release Date: 29/05/2009

Find the Clues...

Solve the Puzzles...

Unravel the Mystery!

After a kidnapping on an ancient Caribbean island it is up to you to piece together the clues and unravel the mysteries of the Mayan curse over 180+ exciting puzzles and mini-games . . .

  • Developer: Avanquest
  • Publisher: Avanquest

Medal of Honour GAME Exclusive 10th Anniversary Edition (PC)

Release Date: 05/06/2009

Earn your stripes, soldier! The Medal of Honor series returns in a single bundle for those that missed out on the action the first time around in addition to those looking to relive the franchises’ first decade of gaming. Immerse yourself in the European Front with the Medal of Honor Allied Assault and its two expansion packs, then transition to the Pacific Theatre in the Medal of Honor Pacific Assault Director’s Edition.

  • Developer:
  • Publisher: EA Games

Terminator Salvation (PC)

Release Date: 29/05/2009

Based on the upcoming Terminator Salvation film from Warner Bros. Pictures and Sony Pictures, Terminator Salvation the videogame on PC offers players the chance to assume the role of John Connor, a soldier in the resistance, battling for survival against the far superior forces of Skynet.

  • Developer: Grin
  • Publisher: Warner Brothers

Hired Guns - The Jagged Edge (PC)

Release Date: 29/05/2009

The Dark Continent, a playground for the cruel and corrupt, each with their own agenda… Choose your friends wisely, buy an army of ruthless mercenaries and unleash mayhem on the African countryside . . .

  • Developer: Game Factory Interactive
  • Publisher: Kalypso