Thursday, October 1, 2009

Bounty Hounds (2006/PSP/ENG)

In the distant future, the latest system terraforming allowed people to colonize any planet. Performs the most powerful supercomputer, capable of transforming the world is taken separately in what is now needed of the human empire. Of course, the indigenous inhabitants of the worlds did not agree with such modifications, therefore, was created mercenary Bounty Hounds - Specialists in "cleansing" of flora and fauna of the distant "ball". For their commander Maksymilian (Maximillian) and you have to play.

Name: [/ b] Bounty Hounds

[b] Genres: [/ b] Shooter Sci-Fi
[b] Interface Language: [/ b] English
[b] Year: [/ b] 2006
[b] Developer: [/ b] Xpec
[b] Publisher: [/ b] Namco Bandai Games America
[b] File size: [/ b] 1.07 Gb
[b] File format: [/ b] ISO
[b] Platform: [/ b] PSP

This colorful action / RPG offers many new solutions in terms of gameplay and graphics. For example an innovative system of ownership of the two types of weapons - and also possibly wearing cold and fire equipment. In addition you will be available purse networking opportunities, PSP, allowing to play via Wi-Fi with friends.

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